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At Americas Technician Services, we’re up when your computer is down!

Established in the picturesque heart of Colorado in 2015, Americas Technician Services (ATS) began its journey as a modest IT staffing agency, aspiring to bridge the talent divide in the tech industry. From those humble beginnings, we have grown exponentially to evolve into a premier nationwide IT staffing agency serving the entire United States.

Our deep-rooted foundation in Colorado has instilled in us a mix of cutting-edge innovation and down-to-earth values, a combination that has been instrumental in our success. We pride ourselves on understanding the specific needs of both clients and candidates, ensuring that organizations across the country are equipped with the top-tier IT talent they need to excel, and likewise, that professionals find opportunities that truly resonate with their aspirations.

Today, with a network spanning from the East Coast to the West and all points in between, Americas Technician Services is synonymous with tech recruitment excellence. Our team of seasoned recruiters leverages a mix of traditional techniques and innovative technologies to not just fill work orders, but to find the perfect fit for both companies and candidates.

As we look back on our journey from a small startup in Colorado to a national force in IT staffing, we remain grounded in our commitment to quality, integrity, and genuine partnership. At Americas Technician Services (ATS), we’re not just staffing IT positions – we’re shaping the future of tech, one placement at a time.


Join us on this remarkable journey and discover the Americas Technician Services (ATS) difference.