Our Team

We Come to You –Network and software issues can be affected by the local environment. There is no way to troubleshoot environmental variables if you bring a device into a shop.

Service with a Smile –Because our technicians are at the customer’s location, we are there to solve any issue that they may have. While the technician is there, you can pick their brain and tap into a wealth of technology knowledge. Our face-to-face time with the customer allows us to connect with you on a much more meaningful level, rather than just handing your computer to a technician behind a bench.

Lower Overheads Mean Win/Win –Because we do not have office locations, our customers win because we have a lower rate than most of our competitors.

We Answer That Phone –Many companies offer a 24-hour service, but it turns out to be a machine that they will check in the morning. Not here! During after hours, we have someone pick up that line even if it is 2 am. “We’re Up When Your Computer Is Down!” means just that. We will be here for you when you need us.

Higher Class of Technicians – Because of the lower overhead costs, the technicians can be paid at a higher rate. Having a flexible schedule is a very attractive perk as well. Because of this, we get to pick the cream of the crop. This of course, means that our technicians are the best of the best, and our customers expect nothing less.

No Markup on Hardware or Software –That’s right. We sell all parts and products to the client at cost. They are hiring us for our expertise, not our ability to gouge them on the products we recommend. This philosophy means that if we recommend a product, it is in our best interest to get that product at the best possible price. And being that we are in the industry, we know of plenty of places to get a great deal on tech goods.